About Us


FH Group started in 2008 with a simple premise: that YOU, just like drivers all over the country, should Take Pride In Your Ride®. As a family business, we strive to provide ALL motorists – daily commuters, rideshare drivers and road trip takers – the best variety of stylish, dependable, innovative and affordable car accessories.

why FH Group

Like our logo says: FH Group is a World of Auto Decoration. We provide the best in seat covers, floor mats, organizers and other items for your vehicle in an almost endless combination of colors, sizes, and styles. Don’t trust us? Trust Inc. magazine – we made the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the top private companies in America. Whether you are looking to protect your car’s interior, want to introduce some of your own personal flair into your ride, or just want to upgrade your car without breaking the bank on a new one – FH Group has you covered.

We love what we do

At FH Group, we believe that you shouldn’t have to buy a new car to feel like you are driving one. Everyone deserves the comfort and look of a stylish and personalized ride – and with over 3000+ customer reviews, we have the proof that our products assist in converting those mundane commutes into fabulous joy rides!

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