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Summer always brings warmer weather and great vibes that inspire people to go out and explore. One of the best ways to enjoy the nicer weather is by going on trips to new places, and road trips are America’s favorite way of traveling. 


People can take it easy during road trips and enjoy every inch of the landscape from their car seats. That’s why Americans love to explore the country from the comfort of their own vehicles. There’s no luggage weight limit or nonexistent leg room. It’s only you and the road. What else can you ask for?


Since the United States is a country full of beautiful landscapes and breathtaking outdoors, there are many famous routes that Americans take over and over again during their road trips. So today, we will talk about the most iconic road trips in the country and the endless reasons why people love to jump in their cars and go on the next adventure. 


Reasons Why People Like Road Trips

People love road trips for many different reasons. As was mentioned before, comfort is one of the main ones. The idea of freely choosing everything for your trip is quite appealing. You are the boss in charge of who is coming, what to bring, and where to go. You can decide every little detail for your road trip, and that’s why this way of traveling is so appealing. 


Being in charge of what to bring means you can bring anything you can fit in your car (and with the proper organization accessories, you might be able to pack a lot!). Only people who hit the road can enjoy this luxury since we all know how difficult it is to pack for a trip when you’re flying because of all the strict weight restrictions airlines usually have. 


Another perk for people who decide to drive to their destinations this summer is being able to bring their pets. Everyone loves their furry babies, so being able to bring them along on vacation can be a true delight. Make sure you protect your car’s interior with quality seat covers and mats, so you and your pet can fully enjoy the ride without worrying about damaging your vehicle. 


Since we are talking about freedom, another benefit of going on road trips is that you are entirely in control of the route you’re taking. Phones and GPS technology allow everyone to go anywhere, so get a good phone mount. Your phone will safely stay in place at all times so you can fully focus on the road. 


Most Iconic Road Trips in America 

Okay, now that you know why road trips are an excellent way to travel, let’s talk about the most iconic road trips in the United States. This country is so big and full of fascinating places to explore, but with so many options, it isn’t easy to know people’s favorite places to visit. Here is the top 5 of best road trips 


    1.Route 66 – California to Illinois 

The iconic Route 66 is one of the US Highway System’s original routes. Starting in Downtown Chicago and going all the way to California’s beautiful Santa Monica, it is one of the most famous routes to take during a road trip. When taking this route, travelers get to see eight different states from the midwest to the west coast.


      2.Highway 1 to Big Sur – California 

This California beauty has been one of America’s favorite routes for many years. Extended for more than 70 miles, this route is considered one of the most scenic driving routes in the country. Many artists around the world have praised this highway because of its fascinating views. This route is the best option for anyone who wants to explore California. 


     3.Blue Ridge Parkway – Virginia to North Carolina 

This route is one of the best road trips on the East Coast if you want to take it easy, thanks to the 45 miles per hour speed limit. Enjoy the view of the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina on this 469-mile route that will always amaze you. The Blue Ridge Parkway connects Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountains national parks, making it a true charm for everyone who takes this route. 


     4.Overseas Highway – Florida 

If you are in the mood for a more tropical landscape, you should consider taking the Overseas Highway in Florida. This overseas highway will provide the best ocean views you can get in the sunshine state. This beautiful drive connects the Florida Keys, which gives you many great places for you to stop and enjoy endless beaches, restaurants, and bars where you will have a great time. 


     5.Going-to-the-Sun Road – Montana 

One of the best options available for a mountain view is the Going-to-the-Sun road. This Montana beauty is the best way to explore the Glacier National Park. Take it easy driving through the very steep curves and drop-offs. Exploring this route in the warmer months is ideal since the snowy conditions are quite extreme in this part of the country.


How to Make Your Road Trip More Comfortable 

Road trips are a great way to explore the country. However, they could become stressful if there is no sense of structure regarding your belonging. Think about it. You will be “trapped” in your car, driving for hours. It can become an unpleasant and messy experience if you don’t properly prepare. 


You can prepare for your next road trip adventure in many ways, whether traveling across the country or just a couple of hours from home. Here are some tips that can significantly improve your driving experience so you can fully enjoy the destination. 


Pack the right clothes and gear: Consider where exactly you are going and pack all the elements you might need there. Clothes and accessories are based on the temperature and conditions of the destination, so check the weather forecast before packing, and you can be sure you’ll be dressed accordingly. No one likes to be too hot or too cold! 


Protect your car seat from everything: Since you will be spending many hours in the car, you will likely eat and drink in the car. Also, if you are bringing your pet on the trip, a lot of dirt will come into your car after every break. Make sure your vehicle’s interior is safe from all dirt and spills by installing protective seat covers. Damaging your seats should not be one of your worries; enjoy the ride and destination with some quality and affordable seat covers from FH Group. 


Floor mats are going to become your best ally: Road trips scream outdoors. However, when you are out and about exploring nature or cities, lots of dirt can get in your car. Be prepared for anything with great floor mats that will keep your car floors good as new. There are many floor mat options for you to choose from, so you can get the perfect protection against all types of dirt. 


Organize your belongings efficiently so you can fit as much as possible: Since you bring many things on your trip, organization is Key. Packing your car in an organized way will not only let you pack more stuff in your car, but also allows you to know exactly where everything is. You can use many organization accessories in your car to know exactly where everything is. 


Be smart with your waste: Let’s be honest, nobody wants to sit in a car seat full of garbage from the fast-food meal you just ate. Yes, you could stuff the paper bag with most of your garbage until it explodes. But why would you do that when you could have a convenient collapsible trash can to keep all your waste in one place and away from your belongings. Depending on your road trip length, you can choose between a small or a large trash can for your car. 


Make your car seats more comfortable for the long ride: Your car seats might seem very comfortable. However, you will probably not think the same after hours of sitting in the car driving. One of the best ways to improve the comfort of your car seats is by adding cushions that will provide support to different parts of your body, making your driving experience way more pleasant. You can get lumbar seat cushions, ergonomic cooling gel cushions, memory foam cushions for your back and headrest, and more. You will be glad you got these cushions for your road trip. 


So, now that you have some ideas of the best places to go on a road trip and how to prepare your car for your next adventure, are you starting to plan where to go next? 

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