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We all know a rug can really bring a room together- and FH Group car floor mats are the necessary finishing touch to ensure spending time in your ride is as comfortable as time spent in your living room. Just because it’s the floor, doesn’t mean it’s at the bottom of importance.

The most important aspect of floor mats and trunk liners: keeping the outside world outside. FH Group has designed a vast selection of waterproof vehicle mats and durable liners to ensure that your car is protected from the elements of everyday life- from inclimate weather to whatever the bottom of your shoes have decided to collect- and every spill in between. Universal fit or trim it yourself.

Trimmable Floor Mats and Liners: How do you ensure car floor mats cover the precise areas you want? Why, you trim them yourself. With suggested guidelines and an easy-to-cut design, one size truly fits all.

Climaproof mats: No matter the conditions out there, with FH Group Climaproof mats, it’s always delightful in here. These mats, from a selection of materials including rubber and vinyl, are engineered to be waterproof and heavy-duty durable. This collection offers maximum protection to your vehicle from water, snow, dirt, sand, mud and more. Just like the postman, these mats deliver in any weather.