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Q: Why are your seat covers so much cheaper than other seat covers on the market?

A: Quality seat covers don’t necessarily have to come with a hefty price tag. Our lower prices boil down to two main points: 1.) We have our own manufacturer overseas that produces all of our products directly; and 2.) our semi-customized fit allows us to save time and resources via mass production. Our cost-effective business model allows us to create a more budget-friendly option to other seat covers on the market without sacrificing quality, so we can pass the savings on to the consumer – that’s you!

Q: I have armrests on my front seats. Will your seat covers still fit?

A: Our seat covers are specifically designed to not interfere with armrests. Just remove the armrests when you install the seat covers, and put them back when you’re done. It’s that easy. For more detailed instructions, check out our installation instructions. Please note that at the moment, armrest covers are not included in our seat cover sets or accessory sets, but you can buy them separately here.