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Q: Are the seat covers made to fit my vehicle?

A: We offer a variety of semi-customized seat covers to fit most makes and models. Rather than by specific makes and models, our seat covers will fit your car based on specific features, such as side airbags and rear-split benches. For a complete run-down on our product features, click here, or feel free to contact one of our experienced representatives to help you pick the best seat covers for your vehicle.

Q: My rear seat is a split bench. Are your seat covers compatible with this?

A: While we do offer split-bench compatible seat covers, not all of our products have this feature. By selecting your year/make/model of your vehicle from the drop down menu in our header, you can make sure you’re looking at seat covers that will work with all the features of your seats. All of our split-bench compatible seat covers are designed to work with 40/60, 50/50, and 40/20/40 split divisions and also work with fold-down cup holders, armrests, and consoles.

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