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Q: Are your seat covers machine washable?

A: Most of our seat covers are machine washable, except for synthetic leather covers. Those are waterproof and can be cleaned by gently wiping with a leather cleaner.

Q: Are there openings/holes on the seat covers for headrests and seat belts?

A: In order to support more model/year/make, our seat covers don’t come with pre-cut holes on them. However, this is fairly simple. For headrest and seat belt, first, make sure the installed backrest cover is aligned and fitted completely to your satisfaction, and then all you need to do is cut two tiny bit holes on top of the backrest cover where the headrest needs to be inserted. As for the seat belt, make sure you pull out the seat belt first, and then cut a small slit from the top edge of the backrest cover and release the seat belt back into place. Don’t worry, the seat cover’s material will not rip or tear. We have installation videos available here whenever you need it.