Custom Fit Floor Mats: Making Your Life Easier One Step at a Time

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You go online to find the best floor mats for your car.  You look through all the options and love so many but, you need to be sure you find ones that will be an exact fit.  It is a must that every inch of your floor is protected while still giving your car an upgraded look.  To put it simply, you need Custom Floor Mats that are tailored to your specific needs.

In September 2018, FH Group expanded their office and warehouse and developed a Custom-Fit Production Center. The Production Center makes Custom-Fit items including Seat Covers, Floor Mats, and Cargo Liners


We offer made to order Custom Fit Floor Mats for a wide variety of vehicles.

We have the detailed dimensions for these cars based on their make, model, and year and can be sure to make them to the exact size of your car and meet all of your needs.  The Custom Fit Floor Mats will fit in snugly while offering full coverage and complete protection.


The team gathers the necessary information about the car and uses a 3D Scanner to make sure the exact size is being created. The 3D Scanner records the dimensions to produce the exact measurements and allow it to create the product.

Our cutting machines are used to ensure precise cuts with straight, clean edges.


All our car mats are made from Faux Leather material. The Faux Leather gives your car a fancy, elegant look while providing all the comfort needed.  Faux Leather is a similar feel and durability to real leather but is more cost effective.  It is plastic based and can be mass produced whereas authentic leather is always original.

Given these minor differences, it made sense to go with a more pliable material to work with that would be more affordable for our customers: faux leather.

When you step into the car with these floor mats, expect to feel maximum comfort. Not only will your feet feel the love but you’ll be stress free knowing that your floors are fully protected.


Our customized products are all made in the U.S.A, right here at our headquarters, giving us the unique opportunity to ship these out within 2-3 business days. All Custom Fit made-to-order products are designed for a perfect fit, just for you.

We care about the quality of our product and the satisfaction of our customers.  Check out these Custom Floor Mats and let us know which option you’d like!