Drive Around with your Top Down

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Drive Around with your Top Down Jeep Wrangler102 02

By Jennifer McDonald

Driving down the streets with the top down; the wind blowing in your hair; the sun beating on your face; your favorite music blaring. Everyone looks at you as you go by in your clean, decked out car. Life is good. Then you get out your car and take a look at your seats and on the floor. All you see is the debris that blew around right into your car. You see the dirt and dust building up all over your car. The beauty of nature can also be pretty gross and wreak havoc on your car, especially the interior. When you have a top down car, it’s an amazing feeling to drive around with the top down but it can be a pain to take care of. Maintenance and up-keeping is a must for these vehicles. No matter what time of year, the weather can take a toll on your cars and being prepared will help. Take a look at these simple tips to help keep your car’s interior looking as amazing as you feel!

Clean up!

Make sure you are always and forever removing any debris from inside your car. A small piece of garbage may not be a major issue or concern today, but it can turn into one in the future. So just get it out when you can. If you need to, get a plastic bag to keep or a Car Garbage Can to throw debris in quickly on a daily basis.

Wipe on, wipe off.

You should be wiping down your seats regularly. Most likely, you have leather or vinyl seats, so be sure to use a microfiber towel to do this. Dampen the towel and wipe down the seats removing any debris, dust, dirt, or whatever else may have landed on them. You can also purchase a leather cleaner to regularly do a deep cleaning in your car. This can help make the material last longer. If your seats are already worn for their wear, you might want to consider purchasing Car Seat Covers. The best options for this would be PU Leather Seat Covers or Neoprene Seat Covers.  Using one of these two options inside your car with a top down is best. It is easier to clean and does not cling or show dirt and dust as much as fabric seat covers would. Also, Neoprene is waterproof and PU Leather is water resistant.

Take in the sun!

You can take in the sun but be careful with your seat covers. Too much sun beating down on your Leather or vinyl seat covers can cause damage. It can lead to cracking, peeling, or fading of your seat covers. Make sure you check to verify which material you have before purchasing the UV Light Protector cleaning product. Once you have checked, use it on your interior once a month. Always make sure that you clean the material first before applying. This can also be used on your dash, steering wheel, and other areas of your car. You can also consider going with Neosupreme Seat Covers which will withstand sun damage much longer.

Keep it covered.

When you are in park, make sure you cover it up. Put the top on to keep your car protected. Most cars that have the top down feature tend to have soft tops. If this is true, be sure you are taking care of that too! There are cleaners for up keep with the top cover. Be sure to use the cleaner regularly to prevent any major damage to your car.  Of course, if you feel you need extra protection, you can always purchase an Auto Cover for your car. This way, you can cover it up when it’s in park and keep it safe from any damage.

Whether you have a Ferrari, BMW Convertible, or Jeep Wrangler, driving around with your top down is a great feeling. Make it last as long as you can by remembering these tips and staying on top of upkeep with your vehicle. We at FH Group care about the condition of your vehicle and your happiness in your ride.