Earth Day

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Earth Day

Earth Day

By Jennifer McDonald

Earth Day is April 22nd. Every year, we stop to recognize and observe what we can do to make our Earth healthy and happy! We remind each other not to litter, to conserve water, to recycle, and so on. These are all important to keep our Earth as healthy as possible and we all should be doing our part to do so. The automotive industry has been taking on the task of doing their part as well. Many companies have been opting in to create electric cars.  These save fuel and are better for our environment as it reduces pollution.  This may not be practical for every person just yet, but don’t worry. There are still plenty of ways you can help your fuel running car be safe to the environment all year round!

Maintenance 101

Did you know keeping up with your car will help you, the car, and the environment? It is vital to stay on top of these routine checks and care. Be sure to check your owner’s manual to determine when and how often you should replace the filters and fluids in your engine. By doing regular upkeep on your engine, it can increase the fuel efficiency.  When a car reduces fuel efficiency, it causes the car to utilize more fuel when it is running, wasting gas as you go.  You’ll also want to tend to your car as soon as you see any trouble.  If the engine light comes on, make sure you tend to that immediately.  If your car’s engine or exhaust pipe is not working correctly, it can produce much more pollution on a regular basis.

Drive right.

When your tires are right, you are right. Make sure you keep them aligned correctly and keep regular maintenance to be sure there is enough air in them.  Properly inflated tires will drive better and create less effort for the car. By doing so, it will reduce the amount of fuel when driving. Aside from helping with pollution and saving you money, it will also help the tires last longer creating less of a clutter at the recycling facilities when they are discarded.

Litter is bitter

Do not throw any trash out the window while you’re driving. Litter and pollution are very bad for our world and environment. Grab a Car Trash Can for your car to throw away little things instead of throwing them out the window.  You might even want to consider grabbing two; one for trash and one for recyclables! This way, when you’re ready to discard the items, it will be easier and much quicker for you to do so.

Get rid of the junk

Take a look through everything in your car and decide if you really need it. The more items you have in your car, the more it will weigh it down. When you are driving with more weight, your car needs to put in more effort. This will cause it to use more fuel. It will save you money and also save the environment a little at a time. The items that you do keep, make sure you keep them safe and contained by using a Trunk Organizer.

Clean and wash

Which is better for the environment: Going to a car wash or washing your car yourself?  If you guessed washing your car yourself, you’d be wrong! It is actually a better conservation of water if you go to the car wash to clean your car.  It uses less and recirculated waters that are better for our sewage systems.

Pump it up … or don’t.

Stopping by the gas station to fill up your tank is necessary (unless you’re really eco friendly and driving an electric car!) but it can also be harmful to our environment. When you’re filling up your tank and you hear that click that makes the gasoline stop flowing, just stop. Do not add extra to the tank, even if it means getting it to that rounded, even number. When you do this, it releases gases into our environment that is unnecessary and harmful.

DIY? Make sure you do it safe!

If you like to do your own car maintenance, hats off to ya! But please be sure you’re being safe to our environment. When you replace your car’s battery, follow the proper steps to discard the battery safely. Be sure to wrap the battery in a towel or place in a cardboard box with layers to keep it protected. Keep the battery upright at all times to be sure it does not leak.  You can locate a local recycling facility for this or you can ask a local auto parts retailer if they’re able to recycle these.

Our Earth is home to all and it’s the only one we’ve got. We gotta do what we gotta do, but let’s make sure we do it smart and safe for all. At FH Group, we care about our environment and hope you will too.