The FH Group’s SEMA 2018 Experience

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November 5 2018 – Everyday we’re on Social Media, scrolling through our feed. In which it has become almost primal instinct for us auto-enthusiasts to look up the latest Autonews and trends. We like to research what’s fresh and what’s hot, what’s to come and what to look out for.

At the same time, we stare longingly at pictures of awesome cars on our Social feed. You just can’t help drooling over all the aerodynamic curves, spotless paint jobs and shiny bumpers…there’s just nothing sexier than a stylish automobile. It’s an integral part of our work here in the FH Group. We love cars and we love car accessories and interior, so there’s nothing more that keeps us pumped up than looking up cars on Social Media.

But all that is just what’s got us excited, waiting in anticipation each year for a grand annual event that takes place in the Las Vegas Convention Center. It’s the day every car enthusiast just dreams about. A day that the world waits for each year.

And just a weekend passed the Special Equipment Marketing show (SEMA) of 2018, we’re still hung over from an amazing week spent with our amazing peers and our amazing fellow auto nerds. SEMA 2018 is a four day event where the industry’s biggest and baddest Influences and Innovators gather to shake up the car world.

It’s an event for sharing the latest and the greatest automotive products. A scene for Automotive Special Equipment Manufacturers (such as FH Group Auto) as well as Automotive Manufacturers, to come and display their products side by side. As brethren in an industry that is constantly looking to improve and reinvent the world of travel.

It’s only natural that our humble crew of auto-enthusiastic employees moseyed on over to the grand Wonderland of the Auto-scene. Which makes it our third year participating in this amazing, jaw-dropping event…to take group selfies.

Okay, well there’s more to it than just that (P.S Selfies are really important though). At a grand trade show of this magnitude and scale, a large part of getting noticed at SEMA is the Product Showcase. Second would be, our adorable faces. But that’s a story for another time.

Our Best Selection


At SEMA, we got to showcase the newest and most popular of our products, dragging them out of our New Jersey warehouse and casting them out on display for the world to see. Here’s a glimpse at some of the amazing products that we had SEMA 2018, car seat covers, floor mats and car accessories.

The FH Group is best known for our Car Seat Covers, where our mission is to create seat covers that fit a wide range of vehicles for a good and affordable price, without sacrificing the quality. But of course, there was no stopping our passion for beautiful car interior at just Car Seat Covers. We wanted to create more.

We wanted to make car interior, such as floor mats and accessories that people could take pride in. Since the conception of this company, we have come up with a wider range and variety of products. From car floor mats, to car accessories and even some outdoor products.


Conquering the Moment

It was a proud moment for us to have some of our best and newest products on feature at SEMA 2018, and looking upon our Auto decor brain children sitting perfectly upon their humble podiums for all of the car world to see has always been a wicked cool experience. Our newest selections of products, such as our floor mats sat beautifully on display, like brand new shoes.

It was a sight to behold and the memory of it is still very, very fresh. The FH Group is eager and inspired to do more and create more.

After all, the FH Group has come a long way on our decade long journey to take our place alongside the Allfathers of Automobiles, making it our third time attending the scene. I mean, will you look at some of these bad boys?

And to lay the icing on the cake… among every other awesome thing already written down on this awesome blog post. We are becoming more and more connected with our Automotive brothers. All of this happened in a span of a few days and that’s just…awesome!

We have learned so much, gained new insight and found out new and better ways to serve. Also, we’ve gained so much inspiration and ideas for new and unique seat covers, mats and car accessories.

To sum it all up: The SEMA Show is basically every automotive enthusiast’s dream. At the FH Group Auto are honored and proud to take part in this grand event. Our supportive customers and friends have helped carry us a long way. We will continue to find new and better ways to serve. So rest assured knowing that we will work so that you can take pride in your ride!