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You take great pride in your vehicles, and FH GROUP takes great pride in creating world-class covers to protect and enhance those vehicles. We strive to exceed expectations in quality and service and look for validation from our customers:

4.5 star review From 43 reviews
  • Jason Wang
    5 star reviewJason Wang04/09/2019
    Good Quality and Excellent Customer Services I ordered one set of split-bench seat covers for my Toyota Highlander and one bench cover for Corolla. Both fit well and look nice! To make me more impressed, they immediately sent me a pair of mesh cloth for my Highlander when they knew I needed two more to cover all the flanks of the second row seats. Will definitely recommend FH to anyone!
  • Waymon Hall
    5 star reviewWaymon Hall03/26/2019
    I bought a pair of these front seat covers in black and white at their location in Secaucus since I live in NJ.The fit is amazing and the assistant, June, who helped me was very knowledgeable and professional.These covers fit my mini clubman like a glove, and I am considering ordering another pair.Very impressed with this product.
  •  smith Brian
    5 star review smith Brian02/27/2019
    Second purchase from fh group, last purchase pu205 seat cover is still using in my car, need another seat cover for girlfriend\'s car.
  • Elxis McLaren
    5 star reviewElxis McLaren02/19/2019
    Got a pair of seat covers for my front seats to cover up all the wear and tear over the years. They fit perfectly and after sitting on them for a days they look like they came with the car. Love them, will recommend to everyone!
  • Alice lu
    5 star reviewAlice lu09/25/2018
    They were a great fit for my TJ Wrangler. The back seat fit excellent. The front seats are formed great although a little loose in the front. These are a great buy for the top of the cheapest. They will last a few years anyway.
  • Tony Vasconcelos
    5 star reviewTony Vasconcelos09/19/2018
    Great product ...if you leave in new jersey take a ride to their store...this place has very nice products ...2018 ford f150...
  • Tee Thakuri
    5 star reviewTee Thakuri01/31/2018
    Love it. Thzz for the seat cover.
  • lin Angela
    5 star reviewlin Angela12/28/2017
    Nice XMAS gift.
  • Iqbal A Chowdhury
    5 star reviewIqbal A Chowdhury10/19/2017
    Thank group is the best you can trust . My one of friend he bought staff from the group and his car looks great.
  • Carol Moore
    4 star reviewCarol Moore09/20/2017
    I have purchased two sets of seat covers and I am very pleased with both sets.
  • Andrew Ellis
    5 star reviewAndrew Ellis08/25/2017
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  • simone king
    5 star reviewsimone king08/17/2017
    These look good in my car and the quality is better than I was expecting. My husband is very impressed...he might be picking up some of these for himself.
  • Fiona Chanikarn
    5 star reviewFiona Chanikarn07/07/2017
    Great customer service. A little expensive for the covers, but great quality and beautiful. Worth it.
  • Cory Cheng
    5 star reviewCory Cheng06/11/2017
    Awesome service. The shipping was quick, the seat covers look great and the customer service was friendly and helpful. Plus they sent me a free gift.
  • Hasani Davis
    4 star reviewHasani Davis06/10/2017
    I love this company. I detail cars and install wraps. Try to offer new seat covers to almost every customer. The economy class seat covers are very good for the money you pay. 30 dollars to change the look of your interior easily as quite a bargain . this is not a 5 star luxury product and it is not billed as one, but it is very practical.
  • Yulam Tong
    4 star reviewYulam Tong05/22/2017
    Afford price, the quality is same like the other products in the market, but the only problem is take 5 business day to get it with free shipping.
  • na lei
    5 star reviewna lei05/10/2017
    I have put on a lot of seat covers in my life, quite a few for myself and even some for friends, and these were definitely the easiest out of all of the ones I’ve tried. I always have difficulty just because the way my car is set up, but these covers compensated for that and look great. I’m really happy with that. It took maybe 30 minutes for each seat (I only did the front) and I was done. It looks good. Get these. You won’t regret it. (I’ll update in a few months if I have any issues)
  • 8pm shop
    5 star review8pm shop05/03/2017
    The floor mat I purchase is what I need, fast shipping and free shipping. I will consider to purchase seat cover once my old seat cover broke.
  • Derek Chow
    5 star reviewDerek Chow04/28/2017
    Superb place to get the best selection of grill covers for a reasonable price!
  • Shuang
    4 star reviewShuang04/22/2017
    I got a seat back organizer last week. That makes everything in my car well organized and clean! Really like car accessories from Fh group.
  • Lucy Zhang
    5 star reviewLucy Zhang04/17/2017
    Just purchase a new Floor mats, it fits to my Subaru without cut, Love it .
  • Mitch W
    5 star reviewMitch W04/08/2017
    Great product with a great price. If you need to protect your seats, this is the place to check out.
  • Michelle
    5 star reviewMichelle03/31/2017
    This a great product. The seat covers made my car look brand new, I am definitely going to buy some more for my brother and sister’s car. Customer service were really helpful with finding ones that will fit their vechile. Definitely will recommend your company for seat covers!
  • Brian Wilson
    5 star reviewBrian Wilson03/29/2017
    Great product.easy to install my civic.the seat cover not perfect fit,but,fit very well. like it.
  • Jorge Balbuena
    5 star reviewJorge Balbuena03/25/2017
    Very good company
  • Faten Mikhail
    5 star reviewFaten Mikhail03/24/2017
    It’s very nice, good materials.
  • IntenseKTV
    5 star reviewIntenseKTV03/23/2017
    usually everything I look for i can find here affordable and of quality with local retailers but better priced.
  • Christine T
    4 star reviewChristine T03/22/2017
    Lots of style choices. Prices are cheaper than retail stores like sears. I’ve ordered a set of black seat covers and they fit my rav4 seats: it’s just hard to find the seat belt clips for the back seats.
  • David Chen
    5 star reviewDavid Chen03/20/2017
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  • Joe Scalise
    5 star reviewJoe Scalise03/19/2017
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  • Andres Figueroa
    5 star reviewAndres Figueroa03/18/2017
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  • Christian Ramirez
    5 star reviewChristian Ramirez03/17/2017
    Awesome Customer service, and great products and inexpensive prices, I bought one 5 years ago and it’s still working for me! Really durable!
  • Christian Ramirez
    5 star reviewChristian Ramirez03/17/2017
    Awesome Customer service, and great products and inexpensive prices, I bought one 5 years ago and it’s still working for me! Really durable!
  • Jhair Ramos
    5 star reviewJhair Ramos03/15/2017
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  • Narcisse de Palm
    5 star reviewNarcisse de Palm03/10/2017
    We bought a secondhand car that was well maintained and with low mileage but for some reason had very bad seatcovering. The sponge was fine but the cloth was shredded. Searching ebay for a brand specific seat cover I came across FH Group. After choosing the correct make, moder, color, etc we ordered it. Installing it was very easy and only took a few minutes but the reward was impressive. Now the car looks better then ever. Thanks FH Group.
  • heather jebokji
    5 star reviewheather jebokji03/07/2017
    Great quality covers
  • karen wickham
    5 star reviewkaren wickham03/06/2017
    I recently ordered these seat covers for my new Honda HR-V. I absolutely love everything about them. They look so nice, and fit great. The best part is that they took less than 10 minutes to install both covers.
  • Gonzalo Mejia
    5 star reviewGonzalo Mejia03/04/2017
    Great products at great prices. Excellent customer service!
  • Kevin Rhoades
    5 star reviewKevin Rhoades03/03/2017
    Great customer service, they do right by you even after the sale.
  • Sam
    5 star reviewSam03/02/2017
    After installed the seat cover, both of my kids loved and don’t want to get off. Very nice! Happy!
  • Darlene Fang
    5 star reviewDarlene Fang03/01/2017
    Great Fit my car Jeep Wrangler. Cotton material, very conformable . the rear cover it’s big, but you can take off middle 2 pieces, the size will be exact fit Wrangler small bench. it was a great buy.
  • 为君
    5 star review为君12/04/2016
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  • Canela Rodriguez
    5 star reviewCanela Rodriguez10/06/2016
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