How to find the right seat cover from car seat cover reviews

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confuse on seat cover reviews

We can understand how confusing it is when you are trying to find the right seat cover for your car. One great way to get in good research is to collect useful information from car seat cover reviews and find the right seat cover for our vehicle.

There are many different questions that popup before we purchase the right car seat cover. And there are so many reliable platforms that are selling seat covers like Amazon, eBay, Groupon, Walmart, Autoanything, CARiD and more.

Questions you might want answers to are:

  • Why are there so many top 10 car seat covers on Google with different suggestions  from each site? Can I trust them?
  • Are the products easy to return?
  • Custom-fit seat covers or Universal fit seat covers?
  • Which brand can I trust?
  • Seat cover makes me even hotter in summer. Are there any that will help me to cool down?
  • Will the car seat covers fit my vehicle?
  • Too cheap to buy
  • Is it true? Cheap = bad quality? Expensive = good quality?
  • How difficult is it to install?
  • The same products are on different websites at different prices. How can that be?
  • Is seat cover sticky in the warmer weather?
  • How to Remove Odors from Car Seat Covers?
  • Are the car seat covers Airbag Compatible?
  • Are they waterproof?
  • Are those car seat covers reviews trustworthy on the brand’s official website?

There’s should more than those questions, when I try to buy the seat covers for my vehicle, those questions pop up in my head. Let me go through those questions with you.

1. Why are there so many top 10 car seat covers on Google with different suggestions  from each site? Can I trust them?

top 10 seat covers 2019 in google search result

Most of the results have picked car seat covers from Amazon or other affiliates. Once the customer purchases through the links provided, those affiliates websites will receive money from Amazon or other affiliates. These websites will gather information on products and reviews from Amazon or related websites. Some, will then sort the rank by Amazon seller’s rank or the percentage of the affiliates’ bonuses. And most of them have never purchased these seat covers before. I know because I was an Amazon Affiliate. So this is all the information they are able to share with you. The good thing is, you can find car seat cover reviews on Amazon with the links provided. (These links will only bring you to Amazon, nothing else.) From these suggestion sites, if you see certain products come up multiple times, it means this product’s company paid more money on their ads. The more Ads a company has the more likely they are to be featured on a top spot when you, the customer, goes to search for it.

To summarize, these websites are in the top ranks because the company paid more for their ads. You still should compare in Amazon to get more information on the product that you are interested in purchasing. This will give you a better idea of what you need.

2. Are the products easy to return?

Most companies provide a 30-day warranty or longer. If the car seat cover doesn’t fit, some companies will include a restocking fee, which is usually set at 10-20% of the product being returned. Amazon does offer easy return efforts and no restocking fees. Here at FH Group, there are no restocking fees for universal products and we also offer a 30-day warranty and return policy.

3. Custom-fit seat covers or Universal fit seat covers?

I have mentioned Custom vs Universal Seat Covers before. It really comes down to how much money you want to spend. If you are ready to pay $400 or more, Custom-fit seat covers would be the best option for you. If you are not looking to spend a fortune, you can go with the Universal fit seat covers or Semi-custom fit seat covers. The universal seat covers do not come with a guarantee fit and may require you to make adjustments as needed. As long as you are comfortable making adjustments as needed, these are the perfect product to go with.

4. Which brand I can trust?

Each brand has its own pros and cons. Some are too expensive; some are missing the great customer support we all can appreciate; some have shipping methods so long, you might forget you ordered anything; and some always have complaints about the quality issue. To get the most information and the best possible results, type the brand name + reviews in Google and you will see each brand’s pros and cons. Most of the brands that sell seat covers will have some bad reviews. Keep in mind, reviews are people’s perspective and personal likes/dislikes. Always check those bad reviews before you purchase. Some may not bother you as much as they bothered the original author of the review.

5. Seat cover makes me even hotter in summer. Are there any that will help me to cool down?

keep cooler from seat covers

It is hard to find seat covers to keep you cool in the summer, but one that might help is a seat cover with rose beads. These are proven to keep the driver and any passengers as cool as can be. One set is sold by FH Group: Premium Leather Seat Covers with cooling rosewood beads. You may want to consider using other options to help keep your car cool such as auto car covers or windshield sun covers.

keep cooler in the car

6. Will the car seat covers fit my vehicle?

Almost all websites that are selling car seat covers have functionality charts. Also, they have features that allow you to choose your make/model/year. After the resulting filter, you should be able to find the car seat covers best fitted to your car. In the review/question part, other customers will also inquire about the fitment. It is always good to read these because you may have questions that can be answered right there in the review/questions. Also, many companies provide a suggestion page for some vehicles, such as Top 5 car seat covers for Toyota RAV4 2019 , as used by FH Group. This is so we can know what seat covers will fit a Toyota RAV4 2019.

7. Too cheap to buy

9 dollars car seat covers

Don’t be fooled by the price, when you add them to cart and checkout, you will see, the total is $29.21. They charge an $18.70 shipping fee. By the way, we paid for what we got, if you paid $25 for car seat covers. We have to be ready to accept the $12 quality(-$5 shipping fee, -$8 seller’s profits). Personal suggestion: Full set seat covers price is better over $60. If the front set/rear set seat covers, it’s better over $30.

8. Is it true? Cheap= bad quality? Expensive= good quality?

This all really depends. Are the margins just very high and that’s why it’s expensive? Or is the material itself the pricey part? Take for an example, Yeezy shoes have products that sell for over $7K but the price to make these shoes were roughly $300. That’s a huge difference. They’re most likely selling their brand, not the material.

Some products may show up as a cheap price even though the product looks really great. This could just be due to the company putting the item on sale. If you see an item has been marked down, it doesn’t mean because the product is bad, it may just be time to do some mark downs and empty out the inventory a bit. Always take advantage! But it is strongly suggested you read the comments and reviews to see what others’ feedback is. Especially since they’ve already experienced the quality of the material.

9. How difficult is it to install?

All car seat cover companies will tell you “Installation is easy and takes 30 minutes”, but when we do it, it usually takes us 2.5 – 3 hours with 2 men since we never did this before. Especially for the rear seat cover, I’ve installed the seat cover before, The product I purchase is car seat cushion, the front car seat cushion is easy to install (10 minutes). but the rear seat cushion is taking me more than 1 hour to make them fit perfectly.

10. Same Products on different platforms, Different prices?

same price different platform

Sellers can sell the same products on different platform, products are the same, we can choose the cheaper one or provide better support or shipping a faster one.

11. Is seat cover sticky in the summer?

If the seat cover has food on it and long-term sun exposure, the seat cover may feel sticky. At that moment, you need to wash your car seat cover. Due to different products, you may to check if they are able to be washed or just can be wiped.

12. How to Remove Odors from Car Seat covers?

Unless the product has already been aired out for a day, otherwise there’s should have Odors form Car seat covers. It’s the same when we purchase a new car, there are odors that can stay for a while.

The Activated Charcoal Odor did help some, Air freshener is about to cover the odors temporarily. OdorFree may help a lot, but it’s expensive. We may buy it to see if it works well, if it’s not up to our expectations, we can return it, if it works super well, we can keep it since it can be used at home also.

13. Are the car seat covers Airbag Compatible?

If the description didn’t show the products are Airbag Compatible or waterproof, they mean the car seat cover is not Airbag Compatible / Waterproof. Sellers always want you to know the good functionality they have for their products.

14. Are those car seat cover reviews trustworthy on the brand’s official website?

Those reviews can only let you know how many customer purchases from here,  more reviews mean more customers purchase them, Official websites will block a lot of bad reviews, it happens to almost every website. But we can still check the bad reviews from Amazon, Walmart, etc.