Get the Junk in your Trunk Clean: Five Tips to Help you to a Cleaner Trunk

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Just like our homes, our cars are our places.  And just like home, our cars have a kind of “junk drawer” too.  In this case it’s more than a drawer, it’s our trunk.  The trunk is where we throw all our stuff when we’re done or to get it out the way when we’re busy living life.  We keep emergency items back there (including the beach chair) and car jack.  It can get messy though over time, so we have a few suggestions on how to keep the junk in your trunk organized.

1. Clean out your trunk! Start here. Get everything in your trunk, out of there. Once it’s out, do you think you need to vacuum it? Then do it. Vacuum everything out, leaving it looking brand new. No matter how much you organize it, the trunk can still get dirty. A great way to help with this is to use Cargo Liners.  This will help prevent constantly having to vacuum your trunk out.  After it’s all clean, go through what you took out and decide what to chuck and what to keep.

2. Invest in some gear! See what you have left. It’s probably still plenty of things that can easily cause more clutter. Investing in items such as Trunk Organizers is a good step towards avoiding the clutter more. Use it to keep your emergency items as well as returns you may need to bring back, then they’re there when you finally have time! It’s okay if you need multiple ones to contain all the things you’ve acquired.

3. Don’t let it all hang out! It would be best to use a Mesh Net Organizer to stop items from rolling around your trunk. Grocery shopping can be a pain, and even more of one on the drive home if you don’t have the mesh nets to keep things in line.  The Mesh Net Organizer can be versatile as you can use it as to hold items upright, much like a cargo holder, or as a piece to hold items down and in place, even in the middle of the trunk.

4. Don’t limit yourself! We all love an adventure, some crave it. Don’t limit your life to avoid the messes. Going on a hike, gardening, skiing, whatever makes you happy, keep going! Try a Cargo Tray in your trunk to keep things neat and make for easy clean up. The trays can hold multiple items keeping you safe from dirt, snow, sand, or anything else you’ve encountered along the way. Use one for your ski boots and one for your hiking backpack. Different sizes can accommodate different needs.

5. What’s that smell? If your trunk smells like old gym socks, must, or whatever else is in there, you can get the smell out in multiple ways. And these can apply to the rest of your car as well. One way, is to clean the carpet in the trunk with a carpet cleaner or use equal parts of white vinegar and water and wipe down the trunk. Another way to help with the smell is to leave dryer sheets or a container of coffee beans in your trunk. These will absorb the smells and leave a more pleasant one for you. Also, you can always use the basics: baking soda. Just sprinkle it on the carpets to eliminate odors.

Use our suggestions and you’ll be lovin’ your new trunk! Some Auto Accessories mentioned in this week’s blog can be purchased directly through FH Group. Happy cleaning!