How to clean car seat covers when the car seat cover is dirty

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foam cleaner

Every car owner will meet the issue with car seat cover get dirty, so most of the car owner decides to install the car seat cover. it could save us time to clean car seat covers, some cheap quality seat cover may affect the safety and make the car look wired. such as:

Siberia seat covers

Hairy seat cover, the car owner must back from Siberia.

kobe style seat cover

Definitely kobe’s fan.

lace seat cover

Lace !? wearing them could be looks better.

flower seat cover

Flower? Not comments, Gotta find eye hospital nearby in Google.

my eyes

Everybody purchase seat cover for different purpose, Some of them for better looking, some of them try to make car clean, some of them purchase for pets. When we purchase seat cover, we need to make sure seat cover is airbag compatiable or not, I think safety is most important.

seat cover airbag compatible

Install car seat cover into car have pros and cons, and About how to clean car seat covers, there’s couple tips may help.

  1. removed your genuine leather seat cover, install beach chair instead.

beach chair to instead of car seat cover

This bench chair will make your feel a lot of better in summer, enjoy the free style. (Unprofessional modification, Do not Imitate).

Are u crazy

2. use the right tips to clean the car seat cover

clean leather seat cover

Car seat cover’s material usually are cloth or leather, compare to leather, manufacturer like cloth more by low cost, breathable, enviromental proctection.

cloth seat cover

THe leather seat cover is looks classic, water-proof, Abrasion Resistant and easy to clean, more comfortable, compare to cloth, customer like leather more.

leather seat cover

Due to different material, the clean methods will be different. use long hair brush and vacuum cleaner would be better to use to cloth seat cover. if the cloth seat cover really dirty, use long hair brush clean first, then use some detergent to clean.

clean cloth seat cover

leather seat cover’s maintains is very important, if lipsticks drop on the seat, Don’t worry, use the wet towel to wipe it off and use foam cleaner to clean again, then use towel wipe again.

foam cleaner

How to remove coffee / tea / coke stains from seat cover ?

Use paper towerl to make it dry, wipe it by Dilute ammonia (mixed by 10% Dilute ammonia and water), if it still not working, use 3% Hydrogen peroxide to wipe it, then use clean water to wiped off.

chemistry clean

The chemistry we learn in high school finally can use in our real life.

If there’s some blood on the seat, use wet towel to wipe it off, then drop some Dilute ammonia, wait couple times, use wet towel to it again. use foam cleaner to clean it would works too, clean then ASAP.

How to clean Clean Oil and Grease Stains from seat cover?

1.Use rag to clean oil and Grease stains first

2.drop some gasoline and wip hard,

3. use dry rag to wipe it off, the left gasoline will Volatilize.

oil stain seat cover

After clean, put some Leather moisturizer on the seat cover. for better looking, leather seat cover need facial spa also.

facial spa seat cover

Not matter cloth material or leather material seat cover, The biggest enemy is food, Food crumb can easily make seat cover go bad, if stays more longer, the car have smelly Odors, and will be absorbed by car’s cloth and hard to removed. so when someone eating chips on your car, you can do this:

eat safety in car

So, better don’t eat the food in the car, if you eat, clean them ASAP before there’s food crumb in your car. if you want to eat food in the shopping car, that would be fine.

eating on the shopping car