How to Fix Leather Seat Covers

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PU205 Leather Black Seat Cushion

What should I do if the car seat is broken?

Car leather seats can endure damage overtime, which is never good. However, read our tips about using various remedies for this issue.

What do I do if my leather seat is torn? Well, we would suggest using a Leather Sticker to fix it.

First, let’s take a look at the steps.

Leather Seat Covers
  1. Clean the car leather seat with a wet towel
Leather Stickers

2. Choose the leather sticker that is the best match to the leather seat in your car

Leather Stickers peeled

3. Peel the protective film off the prepared leather placard

Hole in leather

4. Position the patch along the hole in the seat

Fixed hole in leather

5. The patch must dry fully before use. It is recommended to wait one or two days

6. The final product will prove to be most satisfactory!


  1. The Leather Stickers are suggested to be cut a little bigger
  2. Be sure to place carefully. Once it dries, it will not come off

What do I do if there is a crack in my leather?

Depending on the size of the crack, you may want to try acrylic resin or a woven lining. Acrylic resin, soft polyurethane SC-9311, PU-3001, PU1-02, etc. are most likely to product better results. In the event that the you are unable to attain this, pigment paste or matte paste could be used to repair the crack, however, it will not work as well. It can be more difficult to use and may not last as long.

How to Fix Leather Seat Covers Slight Crack

  1. Lay the item as flat as you can on a table.
  2. Next, apply the acrylic resin in the crack.
  3. Align each edge of the material together and blow dry
  4. Once this is complete, the crack will be indistinguishable

How to Fix Leather Seat Covers Large Crack

  1. Lay the item as flat as you can on a table and spread the break out
  2. Next, take a piece of the woven lining that is slightly larger than the crack, and close the crack with the linen over it
  3. Apply the adhesive to the crack and align the seams
  4. Place a cotton fabric over the crack and adhesives and use an iron to secure it in place
  5. Once layer is flat, dry with a blow dryer
  6. You may have to paint parts of the material if needed
  7. We do not suggest using 501 or 502 adhesives. Certain all-purpose glues will destroy the leather.

What do I do if my leather seat is bruised?

  1. Lay the item as flat as you can on a table
  2. Using the squeegee, brush the smear. This can be done multiple times but only if the material is dry
  3. Use the same color paste for the finish
Leather seat damage

What if something is stuck in the tear and I cannot close the tear correctly?

In this situation, you would have to get whatever is under the surface out. Or, in other words, use the excavation method

  1. Use a sharp knife to dig the hole into a square or round hole
  2. Make sure the edge is inclined outward
  3. Then, remove the spare skin underneath and make a square or circle

How do I fix my leather seat cover if there is a cigarette burn?

  1. First wipe the surface clean. If the damage is not deep, it can be directly coated with leather to keep the original appearance
  2. Cover the damaged surface with a leather adhesive. Possible sanding with sandpaper might be necessary to create a smooth finish. Once this is done, paint the area to match the original appearance

You can also use Leather repair cream. Once the cream is applied to the hole, use the scraper tool to evenly scrape the leather patch. The damaged area of the coating should not be too large. Then dry it with a hair dryer. Once this is done, you can use sandpaper to smooth out the repaired area.

Leather Repair Cream

These tips should give you some insight on what to do when your seat cover has damage. Once you gain a familiar understanding with this information, it should be as easy as 1-2-3 for you! And since we know how much many people love DIY, these tips should make your day! And if you’re still having trouble, try sticking a Hello Kitty sticker on it! But, before you do, you can always go to a store that sells automotive accessories and let them contact the leather factory (or you can contact them yourself) for a repair!

What’s more, the best way to keep your leather seat covers looking good, is to keep up with the maintenance that goes with it.

Maintenance for Leather:

  1. Cleaning your leather seats is essential. This must be done on a regular basis to keep up with the maintenance aspect of your leather. Certain cleaning agents should be used to clean the dust and stains on the leather surface. Avoid any bacterial or garbage contaminants as these could cause erosion damage to the leather seats. Be sure to keep the seats dry and clean.
  2. Do not soak your seats. Some leather seat car owners will not clean their seats regularly and then will soak their seats to get the stains and dirt out. This will not benefit the material in the long run. You will quickly notice damage to the leather and abrasions.
  3. Keep away from heat sources. While leather seat covers can be compatible with heated seats, long term exposure can cause damage. Be mindful of using this feature with your leather seat covers. Long term exposure can cause cracks in the seats. Also, avoid exposing the leather to too much sun as this will cause the material to fade.
  4. Ingeniously, faltliquoring. Yes, this sounds like a crazy word but, it’s a real thing. Faltliquoring is a process that involves using oil on the leather after tannage but prior to the leather drying. This process is usually used for light leathers and coats the fibers of the material to keep them in- tact.
Purple Leather

Do you have any thoughts or your own tips? Leave them in the comments below!

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