How to Easily Install Car Seat Covers – Front Seats (With Pictures and Video)

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You just got new car seat covers and you’re excited to see the new look of your car’s interior, but you don’t know how to install car seat covers!

No need to worry at all! We get it, installing car seat covers can seem intimidating at times. And sometimes we don’t even have the patience to follow the steps in a confusing instruction manual.

But don’t worry, we got you covered! Today we will explain step by step how to install the front seat covers on your car (with pictures) for when you’re not able to watch our installation video.


1. Locate the headrest opening of the seat cover.

Car seat cover's opening for headrest

2. Slide the cover onto the seat, passing the headrest through the opening or removing it.

Sliding car seat cover over the backrest

3. Insert and push the adjustable straps through the crevice of the seat.

Pushing straps through car seat's crevice

4. Grab the straps from the back of the seat and slide them under the seat towards the front.

Sliding straps under seat

5.Connect the back adjustable straps to the front ones under the seat. Adjust and tighten them as needed.

Attaching adjustable straps under car seat

6. Attach 1 or 2 metal clips to the corner of the loops located on  each side of the bottom part of the cover.

Attaching metal clips to the bottom straps of the car seat cover

There are 2 ways you can attach the metal clips to the car seat:

A. Attach each loop directly to the plastic frame of the seat belt.

Connecting bottom straps of the car seat cover to the seat's frame


B. Clip the 2 loops together with one clip, and slip the strap around and under the seat.

Clipping hooks together and sliding them through the bottom of the seat

Let’s continue with the rest of the seat cover…

7. Tuck in the reminding fabric inside the seat’s frame for a snug fit.

Tucking car seat cover's fabric

8. Remove the fabric strip on the headrest opening and fasten the fabric together with the hook and loop strip.

Fastening together the two sides of headrest opening

9. Slip on the headrest cover onto headrest.

Sliding headrest cover onto headrest


And you’re done installing  your new car seat covers! Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy the new look of your car’s interior!

Car seat covers are all installed

Don’t forget to click here to watch this installation video!