How to Install Car Seat Covers

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how to install car seat covers

Every seat cover’s package should contain an installation guide.  We will share some car seat covers installation tips which you may not find elsewhere. There are some differences between “universal seat covers” and “custom seat covers”. So, you may be wondering how to install car seat covers.  Let’s figure it out!

Universal Seat Covers

fb030red universal fit seat covers

Universal seat covers are quite popular as well as cheaper than custom-made ones. However, you run into the risk of getting a set that will not work with your seats. Some can be slightly off in the sizing, while others will not even be compatible due to the non-removable parts on your seats.

If the covers purchased do not say they are compatible with built-in seat belts, that means they will not be compatible with any seats that have a raised box-like surface next to the headrests since there won’t be any openings for them to fit through.

For universal seat covers, many require the headrests and armrests to be completely removable in order to install them. You can do this by simply pulling them out with some slight force, or by pressing and holding on to the buttons on the side of the plastic pieces that the headrests go into, and sliding them out.

2019 honda ridgeline interior

The same can be said for the armrests: try pushing them in and then pulling them out with some slight force. Otherwise, you will need to unclasp a slot that can be located on the inside where the armrest and seat meet. There are several other ways such as rotating them at a certain angle that can work as well. It all depends on your car’s year, make, and model.

You will then need to slip the seat part onto the backrest and adjust it to fit properly and do the same on the seat bottom. There will be straps attached to the material that will require to be slipped between the seat crevices, and straps at the bottom that you can clasp on to any metal bars underneath the seats using the hooks included in the package. This will ensure that the seat covers will securely stay on and not move around.

Now, for the headrests and armrests (If your seats have any), you will need to make small cuts to the fabric on the spots where they go so that you can place them back on. Then, you can put the headrest covers on and tie them at the bottom to ensure they will stay in place. If you also purchased covers for your armrests, you can go ahead and slip those on them as well.

Seat cushions are an alternative choice for your seats as well, however, they will not cover the sides and back of the seats. Most cushions will not require your headrests and armrests to be removable. You can place the headrest cover on to the seat’s headrest, then align the rest of the cover with the seat. Most seat cushions will come with metal hooks and discs that you will use to hold them in place.

pu205102grayblack seat covers

Simply hook the discs on to the straps located where the backrest and bottom meet, then slide them through your seat’s crevice (if there is no way you can slide them through, most vehicles have a hook at the bottom in the back that you can unclasp to bring the flap up to open the gap and be able to slide the discs through).

Once you have them through the other side, you can place them upright. This way, the straps will stay in place. For the hooks, the step is very similar to the seat covers. Hook them to the straps attached to the sides and/or bottom and fasten them to any metal bar located at the bottom of the seat.

Custom Car Seat Covers

jeep wrangler seat cover

Custom car seat covers will cost a lot more than the universal type. They will also take a while to receive. The company making them has to make sure that they have the correct dimensions and specs that will fit the vehicle’s seats like a glove. Nowadays, universal seat covers are fitting fewer vehicles than before since companies are always re-designing their interiors to get a unique look that will pull in more consumers. Therefore, many people consider custom seat covers to be something worth investing in. Yes, they are pricey, but customers will not have to go through the struggle of installing a “one size fits all” set, or looking all over for the correct instructions on how to install car seat covers, only to be disappointed in the end when they find out that it is not compatible with their seats anyway. Take for example the Jeep Wrangler. It’s hard to find covers that fit the rear seats well enough since they’re much shorter in length than most other vehicles. But, if you take a look at the photo above, the custom fit is perfect! And for that, it may just be worth the price.

People want to know that they have made the right choice in their purchase and won’t have to return them and then continue with their search for the perfect seat covers. The installation process will also vary from every brand and model of car. It all depends on what the manufacturer allows to be done with the configuration on the seats. However, in the end, your vehicle will look totally sleek and cool, and you will feel proud to be driving it around town!

Check out the installation page for more tips on how to install your seat covers!

You have finally decided to purchase some seat covers to protect your vehicle’s seats from the dangers of spills, damage, and wearing out. Great! Now comes the physical work: installation. This can be quite tricky since many cars are not built with the same configuration. Some have headrests that can be completely removed from the seats, while some are molded right into them, making it difficult to install most covers (and probably be comfortable sitting down if you’re not the right height). Others can have armrests that are also not removable which will become a problem if the seat covers do not accommodate that part, and finally, many cars nowadays have built-in seat belts into the seats, which come in a raised squared box that is next to the headrest that also needs accommodation. You have to be knowledgeable of your vehicle so that you are sure the set of covers you purchase is compatible.

What Car Seat Cover Material Is Best?

car seat covers fabric

Car seat covers can come in several materials. The most common ones are:

  • Leather
  • Neoprene
  • Flat Cloth/Polyester
  • Sheepskin
  • Vinyl

Most people prefer their covers to be waterproof or at least water-resistant. That way, their seats are protected from any spills that can happen. The recommended ones for this type of situation are either the neoprene material, leather, or vinyl. If you live in a hot climate, the best option would be neoprene seat covers, since they leather and vinyl can heat up during the hot summer months. Both leather and vinyl are very easy to clean: you can wipe them with a wet cloth, while neoprene covers will most likely require you to take them off the seats and wash them. Then after that, you will need to go through the struggle of installing them on to your seats once again.