How to plan the best beach trip this summer

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With the warm weather here, people find endless reasons to go outside and enjoy the sun. Beach trips are an all-time favorite, and we’ll tell you all about how to plan your next beach trip.


Even though many outdoor activities allow people to enjoy the warmer weather, we all know that summer most of the time equals the beach. Yes, for many, many decades, people have been choosing to go to the beach on a nice summer day over anywhere else. 

The ambiance created by the sand, salty water, sunscreen smell, and a cooler full of ice-cold drinks for the entire family inspires anyone to pack their cars and drive to the nearest beach. So do you feel like going to the beach now? We do too!


Here is everything you need to know about beach trips. From where to go, what to bring, and the best car accessories to organize your belongings so you can enjoy your time at the beach without worrying about losing anything. 


You will notice how easy your life will become when you add things like trunk organizers, seat back organizers, collapsible trash cans and more to your beach trips essentials.


Most Popular Beaches in the United States 

There’s nothing better than taking a trip to a beach town and enjoying everything it offers. The boardwalk, restaurants, attractions, water activities, and of course, the beach. No matter if you fly or drive to your destination. Our beautiful country has something for everyone. 


From the east to the west coast, the United States has endless beach destinations that all visitors love. Here are the top 5 most visited beaches in the county: 


  1. Huntington Beach, CA. – 19 million annual visitors 
  2. St. Petersburg, FL – 15 million annual visitors
  3. Myrtle Beach, SC – 11 million annual visitors 
  4. Rehoboth Beach, DE – 10.4 million annual visitors
  5. Cape May, NJ – 10 million annual visitors


So, did you know those were the most visited beaches in the United States? Have you been to any of them? Can you pack up your car and drive there, or do you need to take a flight to reach your beach destination? There are so many options to choose from for the next adventure. 


Things Everyone Should Bring to the Beach

A trip to the beach can seem very similar to most people. There are some things that everyone should include in their next summer vacation to the beach so you can improve your summer getaway. 


For everyone:

  1. Towels
  2. Sunblock 
  3. Sunglasses 
  4. Extra clothes 
  5. Chairs
  6. Umbrellas/ tent  
  7. Cooler with cold water and the family’s favorite drinks
  8. Snacks 
  9. Book 
  10. Speaker 
  11. Beach bag to hold everything 


Extra things for families

  1. Toys for the kids
  2. Water shoes
  3. Floaties/live vests
  4. Beach wagon 
  5. Diaper bag 
  6. More snacks and drinks!


And the list goes on and on. Going to the beach is fun. However, to fully enjoy your time there, you need to pack up your car with many essentials. This can make any trip a little overwhelming for most of us, so we will give you the best accessories that will let you organize all your belongings so you can fully enjoy your trip without the hassle. 


So don’t let things get chaotic during your trip! That’s why we will give some of the best organization accessories so you can be prepared for anything without the hassle. Organizers for trunk, collapsible trash can and seat back organizers will become your new ally.l  

Best ways to Organize your Belongings 

As we said before, preparing your car for the ride to the beach is key! Why would you stuff your trunk with many things hoping nothing falls or breaks during the ride when you could strategically place your belongings in your car’s interior for easy access? Organization is essential, even if you are on vacation since this will significantly make everything go easier.  


Many car accessories can help you organize everything you are bringing to the beach (or basically anywhere you go). So here are our top 5 favorite accessories that you should have for your next beach adventure: 


1.Multi-purpose Trunk Organizer trunk organizer


Store everything you want in a great multipurpose trunk organizer! From beach toys to bathing suits, this organizer for trunk will be the perfect way to avoid having a mess back there. Its internal dividers and mesh pockets will allow you to organize everything in the best way possible. And, when you are back from your beach trip, you can easily put it away thanks to its collapsible design. 


   2.Backseat and Trunk Organizer

back seat trunk organizer

This backseat organizer is perfect if your trunk is already full of beach chairs, coolers, and umbrellas. Its slim design that stays against the back seat allows you to store all the small items you need to bring to the beach, and they’ll remain within hand reach during your drive. This seat back car organizer is very handy.


3.Seat Back Organizer with Insulated Cooler

seat back organizer

If you are traveling with little ones, this seat back organizer will become your best ally making your life so much easier. On every car ride, especially to and from the beach, kids will want to have a snack or a drink, so this seat back organizer will allow your kids (or adults!) to have their things right there at any time they want, giving them independence avoiding possible breakdowns. 

4.Collapsible Trash Can 

trash can

We all know how important it is to have a designated place for the garbage during a beach trip (or any trip), even though we tend to forget about it. You might not always have a plastic bag to collect all your garbage, so you end up with a messy car very easily. 


This collapsible trash can is the perfect solution for this problem. It’s compact, sturdy, and collapsible for when you want to put it away. This car trash can also comes with a velcro piece on the bottom part so it can stick to your car’s floor and stay in its place.


5. 3-in-1 Car Trunk Storage Bin 

storage bin

This trunk organizer is everyone’s favorite. Its versatility allows you to use it no matter the size of what you want to store. This accessory can be transformed into an 18”x9.5” trunk storage bin or a 27.5”x19”x5.5” tray. However, if you want to protect your trunk from big beach chairs or umbrellas, this accessory can also be laid flat and become a floor mat from your trunk. 


Car seat covers (or even better, waterproof car seat covers) and great floor mats are some of the car accessories that will protect your car’s interior from all the sand and the wet clothes. You, your family and friends can fully enjoy the beach trip without worrying about running your car’s interior. 


So now that we talked about the best beach towns, the essentials you should bring to every beach trip, and how to organize everything. Are you ready to plan your next beach adventure?

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