Seven Most Important Car Accessories

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Seven Most Important Car Accessories Accessories Collage

By Jennifer McDonald

When you get ready to go out, you always make sure you have your wallet (accessory), a watch (accessory), or any other jewelry (accessories). You do this because our accessories help us through the day and hey, they make you look good, too. The same thing goes for your car. Let’s talk a little about the seven accessories every car needs to be complete.

  1. Trash Bin. Don’t lie. You know you have trash on the floor of your car, in the center console, and/or in the side compartment on your door. Everyone does this. Whether it’s a napkin, food wrapper, or empty bottle, you have some trash to get rid of.  If you eat in your car or spend a lot of time in it, go with a larger size. And don’t worry about space. When you’re not using it store it away since it’s a Collapsible Trash Can.  If you do not compile as much garbage in your car, it’s probably better just to go with a Portable Silicone Waste Bin that can fit in small, tight spaces but will still provide the same needs.FH1120red-7
  2. Dash Mat. New and making a splash, dash mats are a great way to go. If you need a place to throw your change or sunglasses, use your Silicon Anti-Slip Dash Mat. This will hold your items in place while you drive and allow you grab the change for a toll or your sunglasses for the drive in a quick second!                                                         FH3011_color-variation
  3. Phone charger. This is an obvious one. We all need our phones to stay charged at all times. So, make sure you have a way to charge your phone anywhere. A Wireless Charger will come in handy to place your phone on and allow it to charge while you drive. Sit it on the dashboard or on the seat without worry and just keep cruisin’.        FH3013-6
  4. Air freshener. You knew this was coming. What car can be complete without that? Your car looks clean and it is super comfortable. You better make sure it smells good as well. We suggest changing your Air Freshener every 2-3 months, so make sure you stock up!                                                                                                                             Front_Both
  5. Organizers. Every car should have one. No matter what you say about yourself, your car collects clutter. Why not just buy a Car Organizer that slips onto your seat, out of the way, to keep everything from going all over your car? It’s helpful for you when you need to keep it clean and for the kids so they have distractions at their finger tips in the car. 1131_fsc
  6. Lumbar Support. When you’re in the car for too long, the pressure being put on your lower back can do serious damage. In any situation where you’re sitting for long periods of time, you should be sitting with your back and buttocks as closely pressed to the chair as possible. Since this can be difficult, invest in a Portable Lumbar Seat Cushion to help support your back. FH1005BEIGE
  7. Phone mount. When you use your GPS or you’re using the speaker phone, mounting your phone nearby will keep your hands free and allow more focus on the road. Use an Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount to make it easy to prop your phone up and leave it there until you need to go.                                                                            FH3033-3

The best thing about all the items listed here? All of them can be used in your car, at home, or even in the office. Finding multiple uses for these items can make it fun and simple to shop. You know what else these items have in common? They’re all sold here at FH Group.