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No car left behind.

FH Group knows that no two cars are alike. That’s why we’ve engineered a split bench seat cover that takes all makes and models into account and works to accommodate them all.

Functionality is key in our products, so we’ve created an intelligent three zipper design to work with any kind of split rear bench, whether its 50/50, 40/60, 60/40, or even 20/40/20. This breakthrough design works with fold down armrests, cup holders, and center consoles as well.

Discover the power of FH.

Most rear split bench seat covers on the market only support the backrest folding down, but we kicked it up a notch – with our split bench seat covers, our zippers extend down to the seat cushion cover as well. This means not only can you fold your backrest down, but you can fold your seat up too. You can even move your entire section forward or backward in supported vehicles. All split bench seat covers come with mesh pieces to cover areas exposed when folding or splitting your seat.

Variety is the spice of life.

We’re proud to offer a variety of split bench seat covers. Over half of our seat cover inventory supports split benches and we’re always working to expand your options and bring you the latest and greatest in both quality and design.

Our newest breakthrough is our full coverage split bench cover, which covers not only the front but also the back of your rear seat – the first of its kind on the market!Learn more about our new arrival.

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I was so excited to see this full coverage bench cover.
No universal seat covers ever cover the back of the bench all the way so it’s always just hanging out and every time I would open my hatchback I would have to look at it. UGH!!!! I was expecting the back of the cover to be mesh like the front seat covers are from this company but to my surprise it was fabric just like the rest of the seat cover!! It also has the split function which is awesome for me since I use it a lot.
11/16/2015 10:39 am
Very nice
First of all I wanted to get the front bucket seat covers in red and the rear bench seat cover in blue (long story, don’t ask) but it didn’t seem possible without paying for them separately and paying more money so I called up customer service and the woman, Alex, was very helpful and accommodated my weird request without even second guessing. So that was very nice of her. Next. The seat covers themselves are great. A total PITA to get on the seats but once they’re on it’s worth it. The bench cover zips and unzips easily so I can fold my seat down and the bonus piece they give you to put on when you split the bench is a nice touch. It’s a small detail but it makes a big difference.
11/16/2015 10:24 am
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