Thanksgiving Roadtrip Planner

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Thanksgiving roadtrip planner

This holiday season we will attempt to make up for lost times by safely visiting family for Thanksgiving. One of the best ways to ensure safer travel is by road tripping to your destination. Packing light and beating the holiday rush by leaving a day early is always a good plan. However, traveling during the holiday season can sometimes be less enjoyable if you aren’t prepared. Don’t let the travel blues get to you this season and read the below ways to boredom-proof your trip. 



Let’s face it, you can never have too many snacks when going away on a long road trip. Drinks and snacks are a necessity when on the road. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water, too. The Triple Action Car Organizer with Insulated Cooler will keep you hydrated while you’re on the road can keep you focused and energized during those long hours behind the wheel. Plus, you need a place to put those leftovers on your way home. 

FH1140 organizer 6



Safety first! A reliable place to put your cell phone while driving is always hard to find. The FH Group Car Silicone Charger Stand Cradle Dock with 2 in 1 Charging Cable With Magnetic Adsorption Stander is going to keep you safe and ready to hit the road. Featuring a dual charging head that is compatible with iPhone and Samsung phones you really can’t go wrong with this item in your car. Use it for navigation or hands free calling while you cruise down the highway to go hang with your loved ones. 

FH3013-7 wireless charger



Road tripping doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Don’t forget to relish in the moment and enjoy the journey. Even if you don’t know where to go on Thanksgiving yet, you can start prepping your entertainment for when your plans are finalized. Fill a bag with favorite games and books, and update your music playlist with your favorite tunes. The E-Z Travel™ Collapsible Tray with Tissue Dispenser features a large pocket for delicate wrinkle-free papers, a collapsible tray with adjustable straps and a tissue dispenser. The tray opens for convenience and flattens when not in use for easy storing.

FH1183 travel tray


The perfect road trip always means the perfect stops at drive-through windows along the way. That also means your car will quickly become messy in no time. FH Group is always thinking ahead and our compact, lightweight Collapsible Trash Cans are essential for any trip. Add the Large Collapsible Trash Can to the front seat and another Small Collapsible Trash Can in the back for your passengers convenience. 

FH1121 large collapsible trash can  FH1120 Small Collapsible Trash Can



fh1011 blue seat cushion 4
Ergonomic Cooling Gel Car Seat Cushion

LF1003 BLACK 1
We Are Young Life Is Fun™ Seat Cushion with Memory Foam


LF1002 BLACK carseat 3
We Are Young Life Is Fun™ Memory Foam Back Cushion



A good emergency kit has blankets, road flares, a basic first aid kit, bottles of water, a flashlight, batteries, a change of footwear and some non-perishable items. Make sure your vehicle is stocked up with the necessities that may come in handy during an emergency. It’s not always fun to plan for the unexpected, but it’s way more fun to know you were ready at that moment!


Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving from FH Group!


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