Time to Spring into Spring Cleaning!

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By Jennifer McDonald

It’s the season of new life. Most people feel the best way to celebrate this: Spring Cleaning! Cleaning your house, your work space, and your car! Interior and exterior, we both know the whole thing needs some love. Time to show it some. Here are some tips on the best ways to clean your car and make it look fresh for seasons to come!

1. Clear the Clutter!

We leave our stuff everywhere, even if our car. I don’t know a person who doesn’t have emergency items in their trunk. Stuff like an extra sweater, pair of shoes, sports equipment, or beach chairs. These items obviously must stay, but the unnecessary amount of change in your console, the garbage on the floors, this all can go. Any extra items you don’t need, make sure you either get rid of them, or get a car organizer to keep things neater. There are plenty of options of organizers that will fit right over your back seat. This way, you can keep plenty of stuff in there and not have to worry! Another tip is to find a container or purchase a car waste bin to keep yourself from dirtying up your car again in the future.


2. Deep Cleanse.

Next, if you can, take your floor mats out, front and back, and shake out any debris or dirt. Make sure you face away from the car, not getting all the debris back inside. Once your car mats are out of the car, (or if you don’t have car mats) make sure to pick up any larger size pieces of debris on the floor, (you may have missed them before if they were under the mats).  Once that’s done, time to get your vacuum on. Use smaller parts of the vacuum if you can to get in between the seats. Don’t forget to get in the crevices of the seats for any fallen debris such as food or anything else. After you vacuum your floors and seats, feel free to vacuum around the doors and even the dashboard. Then, get some carpet cleaner, store bought or homemade. (It’s easy! Just use 1 teaspoon dish washing liquid, 1 tablespoon white vinegar, 1 cup warm water, & 1 teaspoon baking soda.) Use this cleaner on your floors and your seats if the fabric can handle it. You may see that some of these stains are not going anywhere and may have to consider other options. Take a look at your floor mats and seat covers. If you think they need replacing, do it! Upgrade your car floor mats and car seat covers.

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3. Wash It.

Get outside your car and get ready! Either you can do it or someone else does, but either way, make sure you wash your car. If you choose to do this, be sure you’re prepared. First, do NOT use dish washing liquid to clean your car. Dish washing liquid is not made for the components in your car’s paint and will not do it any good. It is best to purchase a quality car soap to ensure proper maintenance. You will also need: multiple buckets, water, sponges, and drying towels (Microfiber is the best material to use for this). Also, don’t forget the tire cleaners and the wax and/or polish for your car.

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4. Where to Start?

With the tires. It is best to do this first as most the dirty and difficult scrubbing will be here. To start, apply the cleaner to your tires and allow it to sit for one-three minutes.  Then, using a sponge brush, start scrubbing those tires. After you’ve scrubbed all you can, inside and under the rims, and all around them, it’s time to rinse them with a hose. If you need to, you can repeat this step if the tires are not clean enough. Be sure to get empty the buckets and get clean soap and water once you’ve finished.

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5. The Bigger Picture.

Now it’s time to clean the rest of the car. Start by hosing down the whole car with the doors and windows shut. Make sure you get under the windshield wipers! Next, begin on one side of the car and soap it up. When cleaning, try to stick with straight lines as oppose to circular motions to avoid swirl marks on the car. Rinse off the soapy side once you’re done cleaning and move onto the next part. Once the whole car is done, dry it off with your towel. It is better to dry it yourself so you don’t get water spots.


Spring is a time to rejuvenate. Many people find it fulfilling to clear the clutter and live a neater life! Make sure you look over the products here at FH Group to add the final touch to your car!