Tips on How to Decorate the Interior of Your Car

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Tips on How to Decorate the Interior of Your Car seat cover PU204102PINK2

Tips on How to Decorate the Interior of your Car
By Jennifer McDonald

You may be sitting in your car searching the web for ways to make your ugly car look better. Or maybe it’s finally time to sell and you want to up the game a bit. Or, possibly, you just bought your new car leased your first vehicle (congrats!) and you want make sure it stays looking new. Whatever your reason is for looking, you’re here. Trying to find ways to make your car look a little better and make sure it stays that way. And we’re here, to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for, for whatever reason you’re looking for it.
Follow our tips and let us help guide you towards the right choices to decorate your car!
1. Express yourself! If you’re looking to just jazz up your car, make sure you add your own personality into it! Don’t hold back. If you’re a little wild and like bold, loud colors, then choose a bright Orange or bright Pink Seat Covers. Do you prefer a softer, classier style? Stick with the solid seat covers in Beige or Black. It will be a more, simple feel. Or mix it up a little. Maybe you like color but not too loud. In that case, go with a Mint Green or Yellow style with a funky or simple design.


2. Getting Rid of your car? If you’re trying to sell your car, I commend you on your effort to make it look better. (Genius!) If your seats are stained and dirty, covering them up with seat covers is a great, quick fix. Also, you can up the price a little when you sell it! (Win, win) Many are Universal Seat Covers or Semi-Custom Seat Covers to make it look so much better. Color wise, it’s best to go with a color that matches the exterior of your car or a neutral color such as Black or Gray to make it more appealing to perspective buyers.

3. Are your seat covers and floors constantly exposed to liquids and food debris? If this is the case more often than not in your car, it is best to pick PU Leather Seat Covers or Faux Leather Seat Covers, which can easily be wiped clean. While waterproof or other fabrics are great as well, these will be easier to clean when exposed to all these conditions. To protect your floors, go with Rubber Floor Mats or Faux Leather Floor Mats when making your choice. Both will be long lasting and reliable making either a great choice. But, consider what you’re purchasing them for. Are you looking for durability and mats that will with stand any season with low maintenance? Then choose the Rubber Mats. If you’d prefer mats that will match your car’s color and design but still provide excellent protection and long-lasting features, go with the Faux Leather.

4. Leasing your first car? Well we know certain Seat Covers are durable and last a long time, but for a lease, you need them to be even more durable and move to the next vehicle with you. When installing Seat Covers, it is easy to do but we all know it can be time consuming. If you’re going to be changing vehicles after a few years, it is best to choose Seat Cushions for Cars. The difference between Seat Covers and Seat Cushions is that Seat Cushions will be placed on the seat and does not cover the whole seat. It also requires a lot less installation on the consumer’s part, making it easier to install or remove at any time you need to.


5. One last tip for Decorating your car. Accessorize! Make sure you cover up that old steering wheel with a Steering Wheel Cover and grab Seat Belt Pads to match! You can match your accessories with the colors of your Seat Covers and Floor Mats or be bold with a “Mix and Match” style. Whichever road you decide venture down, just make sure you got everything covered.


These tips will help you make a better decision when deciding how to decorate your car! Here at FH Group, we care about how your car looks and how YOU feel when you’re in it!