Trimmable Floor Mats

trim to fit floor mats

Step in without worries.

Our trim to fit floor mats are there to protect your vehicle’s carpet from all kinds of disasters, but they’re not just muscle – they’ve got brains, too.

We’ve created an intelligent trimmable design that makes sure you’ll get the perfect fit for your car every time, no matter what. Just follow the trim lines with any standard pair of scissors to snip your way to a truly custom fit. That means thick rubber, deep channels, and high walls protecting every inch of your carpet. Even the biggest and baddest spills won’t stand a chance. So go on. Live a little. Step in without worries.

It’s the thought that counts.

So what makes our trimmable design so great? Well, they aren’t just there to look pretty. We did our research – the trim lines are actually mapped out to follow the contours and dimensions of most makes and models on the market, meaning you’ll be able to find a size and shape to suit your vehicle.

But we know you might not want to do all that work. That’s why we offer a variety of trim to fit floor mats, some with more trim lines than others, so you can decide if you want to snip a bit or chop a lot. Either way, your reward is a floor mat tailor fit for your vehicle for the ultimate protection.

It’s all in the family.

We quickly realized this design was just too good. We couldn’t limit it to just floor mats…we had to take it one step further. That’s why we expanded our trim to fit tech to cargo mats as well.

Using the same research, our trimmable cargo mats have trim lines that follow the contours and dimensions of most makes and models on the market so you can cut along to get a perfect fit every time.

Our floor mats and cargo mats both come in a variety of colors and materials to match any interior, as well as more to trim or less to trim, so you always have options.

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I’ve never heard of “trimmable” floor mats before.
Ryan O.
They aren’t that much more than regular rubber floor mats so I figured I’d give them a go. I had no idea what I was missing! It is a bit of extra work to measure your car and then cut the mats but it’s so worth it because the floor mats don’t roll up from being too big. I immediately bought another two sets for my wife and daughter. Never going back to regular mats.
7/10/2017 11:38 pm
Great mats
The trim lines are a little harder to cut through than I was expecting but I guess that’s just a testament to how thick the floor mats are. Even though they obviously aren’t custom I feel like I got a lot better protection out of cutting them. The trim lines seem to follow a pattern that really gets into the corners. I don’t know how they predict that but it is awesome.
7/3/2017 3:21 pm
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