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Vehicle Storage and Organization

A few years ago, organization became an extremely “in” concept again.  It might sound funny to claim that cleanliness and order were ever out of style, but there was, in fact, a time when a mess would be seen as a show of character!  Nostalgia led to everyone holding on to everything with the notion that “stuff” will become “collectible”. The trend now is that less is more.  Professionals like Mari Kondo became celebrities for instilling order among the chaos of people’s houses and apartments by only keeping items that “bring joy.”  But purging our possessions is not as easy as it seems.  And, if you have little kids who don’t yet understand that organization is a virtue, well, it is going to require some help and a few tricks along the way to keep items like toys, trucks, bikes and books where they belong- in storage bins, on shelves, and out of the way when not in use.

At FH Group, we take that philosophy and apply it to what realistically should be considered an extension of your home: your vehicle.  We spend so much time in our car, truck, van or SUV yet we rarely consider our four-wheeled friends when we discuss organization.  In truth, our cars are transportable offices- where we spend our time going to and from important tasks.  And we know how important it is to keep a tidy office space, no matter where that office is located.

Beyond car seat covers, car floor mats, and the rest of the incredible selection of FH Group accessories that have become customer favorites, there are the organizers.  The latest from the EZ Travel brand promises to be the best in keeping possessions, snacks, sanitizer and more properly stored but always in reach.  For instance,  take this Hanging Back Seat Organizer – it comes with an insulated cooler and a built-in tissue dispenser.  Or the Camouflage-Print Trunk Organizer – it expands to create up to three compartments, and yet folds up and disappears for storage.    And to take the office metaphor all the way, there is the Hanging Collapsible Desk – for those work emergencies on the go, including storage for the documents and papers you simply must protect.

And that’s just the start.  We could do this all day, but you are better off heading over to the vast selection of organizers and accessories and seeing for yourself.  The sooner you get organized, the sooner you will understand what it truly means to have joy in your car, or as we say:  Take Pride In Your Ride®.

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