What to consider when purchasing car seat covers

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New year, new car seat covers! 2022 just came in with a bang and keeping our cars clean and sanitary has been the number one topic of conversation.

Sometimes, when you purchase a brand new car, you immediately ask yourself “how can I protect my car and the seats”? Or if you have an older vehicle that could stand a little more oomph and freshening up in the interior, car seat covers are the best bet.

Before you set out to buy the right car seat covers for your vehicle, it is important to know why you are buying them in the first place. Your reasons for wanting a car seat cover will assist you in determining the type of seat cover to buy. Here are some questions to ask yourself before purchasing a car seat cover.

Are you looking for a change to your interior? Brighten it up? Car seat covers and floor mats are often overlooked as a solution for changing up the interior of your car. Some of us tend to forget this easy ingenious option to spruce up our surroundings. By periodically switching out your seat covers, you can not only upgrade your vehicle interior but preserve your FH Group seat covers for years to come. Plus, you can create a more comfortable and stylish environment for you and your passengers.

For this purpose, we recommend the FH Group Travel Master Seat Covers Full Set. Available in 5 colors, this style will add some elegance to your interior with its sophisticated raised design pattern at the center. The interior offers a foam padding that will disperse heat keeping you comfy and cool. And the best part is, it’s totally machine washable and easy to install so you can buy two or three and swap out your interior colors in a flash!

Travel Master Seat Covers – Full Set

Protection against muddy paws, drool and other leaks (EW!) Some of us have some tiny passengers, toting either little sticky hands or dirty little paws and we need that added layer of protection to our vehicle interiors. Cheerios, yogurt stains and mud from the backyard are all possibilities in your car when you have kids or pets. Regardless of who made the mess, there’s no need to point fingers, or paws. Instead, with an FH seat cover, you can just remove the covers, follow the simple cleaning instructions and go on about your day.

In this instance, our Premium Waterproof Seat Covers Full Set might be just the thing for your ride. Made of EVA foam, these lightweight covers are waterproof, sturdy and easy to clean. With five color options to choose from your car will stay in style and dry from whatever inevitable messes may appear.

Did you just get a new car and want to protect the overall value?
When you purchase a car, your hope is that it will serve you for a longtime before you can resell it or buy another one. This means you will have to put in extra effort to ensure the quality of the interior remains top-notch throughout its life. The reality is, getting your car professionally cleaned and detailed is quite expensive, especially when you take into consideration the fabric type on the upholstery. However, consistently using car seat covers can protect your seats and preserve the resale value of your investment.

Saves on the cost of detailing your car’s interior, upwards of $50-$125 per visit. Interior detailing is recommended every 4-6 months. Additional costs can incur if any repairs to the seat or tough stains are present in the carpeting

For a new car, we can suggest our best seller the Light & Breezy Flat Cloth Seat Covers Combo Set which includes front seat covers, back seat covers, matching steering wheel cover and four seatbelt pads. This set is made with a light durable material that is protective and comfortable. The soft quality fabric used in this FH Group seat cover is backed with a breathable foam padding that will keep anyone cozy in even the hottest weather. The rear seat cover is designed to accommodate various ratios of split benches and the style is offered in eight colors, making this a no-brainer!

No matter the reason, when buying car seat covers, the top priority should always be the quality. Premium high-quality seats cover will guarantee that your seats remain comfortable and durable. At FH Group we are consistently designing the highest quality seat covers for you to Take Pride in Your Ride.