Why do we need a car seat cushion? After reading this explanation, the old drivers have burst into tears!

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Now that the car’s configuration is getting higher and higher, you may not know much about the hidden features in the car. When we buy a car, the merchant sometimes ignores some important details and forgets to say it. Let’s talk about this “life-saving” device that is most easily overlooked.

This tag is very important – AIRBAG.

side airbag is important

Do you have this label on your car seat? Have you been completely ignoring the label? You might say: “It’s not a label that needs attention.” BIG MISTAKE! It is necessary for saving lives in times of danger. The “AIRBAG” tag on the side of the seat cover indicates that the covers are compatible with side Airbags that are located where the tag is.

The important role of side airbags

how airbag protect u

The side airbag of the car is installed on the side of the seat. When the vehicle collides, the side airbag is opened, which can isolate the body from hard objects such as the door, thereby reducing the damage caused by the side impact. Most models will be equipped with side airbags in the front two seats, and high-end models will generally be available in the rear seats.


Side collision fatality rate is as high as 67%

side collision

In the United States, an average of 8,000 drivers die each year from side collisions. Of the 24,000 seriously injured people, about 67% were due to side collisions of vehicle on vehicle impact. Road traffic in China is complicated and it is more prone to side collisions of vehicles. And domestic statistics have also been reported that the rate of injury caused by side collisions is higher than the frontal collision, reaching 62.6%. The role of the side airbags is self-evident.


What kind of seat cover is the most suitable?

If the seat cover is provided with a side airbag, it will not only affect the airbag work, but also may cause danger due to compression when the airbag is blown up. But if you have to use a seat cover, be sure to install a seat cover, car seat cushion or seat cover that is air-compatible.

Also, there is another reason that makes us not want to buy an auto seat cover:
Unqualified quality

Nowadays, many fake and shoddy products are flooding the market. There is no such thing as a car. Direct contact with heat during driving may cause harmful substances to be released from the seat cover and endanger human health. If the car seat cover is not bought well, there will be a big smell, which not only pollutes the air inside the car but also endangers human health.

Therefore, we try not to apply car seat covers, or use car covers that are not fully packaged. If there is a real need for them, here are a few suggestions:

Buy a blended seat cover. It is easy to clean, durable, and can be put into the washing machine. It may not be a perfect fit though;

Choose a color to match the interior decoration;

Find your comfort. Try not to take up too much space in the car and be comfortable.

choose right seat covers for yourself

Find a good brand. Car seat covers should consider the safety of the external environment, but also consider whether it is harmful to the body. At the time of purchase, I hope to go to the brand’s store to buy.

If the price is the same as the average car owner, the price is reasonable.

Decide which fabric is best for you. The fabric should be comfortable on the one hand, and on the other hand, safety should be considered.

If some people have a car seat cover on their car, it is not very good-looking and practical. It can be dismantled. It should be considered for your health and safety. In fact, it is also possible to buy a car seat cushion. The car seat cushion is generally half-packed, and the car airbag can also play a certain role. Car cushions can also play a decorative role. But don’t choose the kind of slippery surface, the friction is small and unsafe.

In other words, airbag-compatible, quality, and a reliable brand is very important.

Many people always say that when the car is produced, the seat cover itself is designed according to the most comfortable design. I have not made any high evaluation on this. A piece of clothing, a pair of shoes can only meet the requirements of specific people and doesn’t make it right for everyone; even a really good burger isn’t for everyone. We sometimes need to install a seat cover that suits us to maximize our comfort. The leather seat cover is good, but if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, there will be a smell that is generated, and the seat can become very hot. If you choose a suitable seat cover in the summer, you can effectively help this. Of course, it is better to buy an auto cover to avoid these issues, but it is too troublesome, every time, to put the cover on the vehicle. It takes some time to drive and park, so it is suitable only for some people.

I have read a lot of articles about not installing the car seat cover. The original is the best. The quality of the seat cover is uneven as mentioned above. But let’s also discuss the other side. Let’s talk about why do we need a car seat cushions/covers:

1. Now the seat cover is dirty, and it is basically difficult to clean or not even worth cleaning. It is not an easy task to clean it. It may not be washed when it is put in the car care center.

cover dirty seat covers

2. You want to sell the car someday and would prefer a better price which means you’d need cleaner seats. You don’t want too much damage and pollution to the current car seat cover.

improve sales price

3. The seasons change and what works in the warm weather may not work in the cold weather.

seat covers keep you cool in summer

4. You constantly have your pets tagging along and leaving a mess in your cars.

buy seat-covers for your pet

5. Plain and simple, your original seat covers are just ugly.

6. You’d prefer a different material to what you have now.

leather seat covers material

Despite the negative possibilities with seat covers, they can be very useful and safe to use. However, seat cushions may be your way to go. If you feel more comfortable with the Airbags not being covered, even with the guarantee that these will work with Airbags, you may want a seat cushion. Many times, the cushions are more upscale looking and the design is better. Which ever you choose, feel free to check out our selection!