Why New Cars Need Seat Covers

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why new car need seat covers

Most people who purchase a new car are happy and excited, but they also face a new problem: the car seats get dirty very easily. Any fabric will need to be cleaned, whether it be a soft fabric or genuine leather. The genuine leather, of course, will be a little easier to clean as it would not leave as much residue behind as a softer fabric.

Keeping the car seat covers clean can be a full time job between the dirt in the air, the stains on people’s hands, accidental spills, or even scrapes and scratches. These can all leave ugly messes behind. So, what can you do? Install protective seat covers to keep the original ones in tact! The seat covers can protect the car seat, make the original car clean and dry, and prevent aging of the leather.

Why New Car Need seat covers?

  • Protect car seat from dirt/ damage, keep original car seat always new.
  • Can get the better price when u don’t need it.
  • 3. Get your own style’s car by changed car’s interior: car seat cover and more car accessories.
  • Keep warm in cold weather or Keep cool in hot weather.

The more information you may need to know about car seat covers.

Seat covers for cars are considered car accessories and are usually classified as either customized car seat covers or universal car seat covers. Customized car seat covers will usually fit one specific car while the universal car seat cover’s material is made by elastic fabrics creating plenty of room for contraction and expansion.

Whether you get universal car seat covers or dish out the money for the customized car seat covers, installation can certainly be a challenge. Use these tips to help you get the covers you want.

Installation Tip:

  • While installing, please do not pull on any sewing or rubber bands on the covers.
  • Check the product detail carefully before you buy the covers. The item may be compatible or non-compatible with certain features such as: airbag compatible, built-in seatbelt compatible, or for removable headrests only.
  • Always read the instructions carefully and follow the step by step guide for installing the covers. When you purchase universal seat covers, you may have to improvise or make changes to certain parts as your car may have different features.
  • Discoloration may occur in parts of the car that have been exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time (such as the upper backrest).

car seat cover's maintain

Car seat cover’s maintenance

Just the same as using your regular seats, keeping up with regular maintenance of your covers is vital. Depending on the material of the seat covers, maintenance can vary.

  • Daily care must be done with caution. Do not allow sharp objects to scratch the car seat cover or messy hands touch the covers. Be careful of various liquids that can spill on the car seat cover and if there is a spill, clean up quickly! Look at the car seat cover to avoid wrinkles, and ensure that the cover is neat, comfortable and beautiful. If the car seat cover accidentally gets dirty, you can wipe it gently with a damp towel.
  • Avoid long-term direct sunlight exposure in the car seat cover, which may cause discoloration, so as not to affect the appearance.
  • Aside from the usual maintenance, it is best to wash your seat covers every few months to keep up. Make sure to remove the small hooks or small accessories before cleaning the covers to avoid damage to them or the washing machine. Machine wash, but do not pour the cleaning agent directly on the cover when washing. When washing the seat covers, choose a high-water level and a gentle washing method. Do not wash with other clothes; after washing the seat cover, let it air dry; not wring, spin, or heat dry.
  • Generally, cloth seat covers can be replaced every 2 years.

which car should I select

Tips for selecting car seat covers

Car seat covers are a common car accessory. When buying car seat covers, many car owners often first check the price online and then go to a physical store to bargain. This method does not work with car seat covers.

Car seat covers have no uniform standard due to the different manufacturers having different quality, materials, and processes for creating and producing the covers. Pricing takes all factors into consideration and anyone buying the seat covers cannot just assume a price from one manufacturer is the same as the other.

Normal purchase of car seat covers should establish the correct consumption thinking and budget. For example, if the car is a mid-level sedan, then choose a leather seat cover above mid-level as the choice. Of course, if you want to choose the products of the small shops next to the road, the comparison can only be compared with other small shops. It cannot be compared with the big brand stores or professional stores. Because of the product quality, technology, skills, ingredients, after-sales guarantee, etc. Not the same, the cost is not the same.

compare may not the good choice when mix brand and price

What you need to avoid compare price during the process of buying seat covers


Some small brands use the gluing process in the four seasons pads. In order to reduce costs, inferior glue is used. As a result, the formaldehyde of the products exceeds the standard and is harmful to one’s health. Big brands use relatively expensive fire compounds. That means heating to melt the sponge and stick the cloth together without adding any glue. It is completely green and environmentally friendly, and requires high equipment costs.


Due to the good permeability of sponges, most car seats in the world are filled with them, which can be consistent with the temperature of the car. Most of the four-season pads on the market also use highly breathable high-elastic sponges. The reason why the Four Seasons pad products are deformed is mainly caused by the use of inferior and recycled sponges in some small brand products. This sponge is squeezed by hand, and the thickness of 1 cm becomes 0.3 cm, and it is difficult to recover. Big brand products use high-elastic sponges, which is difficult to deform.


Four season mats mostly use Chinese herbs such as cassia seeds, buckwheat husks, etc. Due to the rising prices of raw materials of Chinese medicinal materials, in order to pursue profits, some small brands have been sub-charged, and even mixed with sand grains and black cotton.


The permeability is mainly caused by the unreasonable proportion of the filler. Cassia seeds have a good comfort effect, but if it is all Cassia seeds, the permeability is poor. Buckwheat husks have good permeability but poor results in terms of comfortability, so experienced manufacturers will fill them according to a certain proportion.

Linen seat cushion is a relatively high-end type of cushion, which has many advantages, such as being strong, having good color, low dust absorption rate, etc., but the real natural pure linen car cushion is currently relatively low on the market. It is mostly imitation linen. If it is made from natural linen, the price will be higher.

More tips for buying seat covers
  1. The most important thing when buying seat covers is comfort. When driving, people need to be comfortable and not have seat covers that cause any distractions. Seat covers can often provide back and neck support when designed with health airbags. These are useful for proper support when driving.
  2. Pay attention to its friction. Many people experience slipping out of the seat cushion when they encounter an emergency brake stop. This is caused by the lack of friction of the seat cushion of the purchased car. Therefore, when you choose a car cushion, be sure to choose a brand with sufficient friction to avoid sliding, which is the desire to ensure safe travel. FH Group has many seat covers with anti-slip material to hold the covers in place and often are designed with dual material which helps with the friction.
  3. Always read the comments and reviews before purchasing. These can be very helpful. The comments and reviews will provide insight into how the universal seat covers will fit your vehicle. Many customers might ask questions about their make, model, and year and the compatibility. The company will often respond. You can also see what people say in their reviews. While these are helpful, some customers may have different experiences for various reasons with the same seat covers. At the end of the day, the product features and what you like can really go a long way.

remove odors from new car

Clean odors for car seat covers

Odors are common when it comes to new seat covers. Sometimes the material can absorb odors during production or delivery and can be less than desirable. This is a very common occurrence.

Most seat covers will not have an odor but if it does, the odor will disappear quickly. When you encounter this situation, you can often air out your seat covers to help them lose the smell. While you may be eager to get the covers on, in the long run, it is better to wait it out to avoid the smell in your car while driving. If the smell does not go away and persists, you may have a defective cover that should be returned. Even purchasing spray or scented sachets to cover the odor will not accomplish removing the odor. You may be better off returning your covers.

These tips will hopefully help you to find the best option for seat covers! Always make sure you’re picking what you like and if you are purchasing the covers online, learn about the company and read their return policies. If you have any questions, always contact the company for more assistance to be sure!