Winter Activities Checklist

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November 7, 2018 — Winter is just a drive around the metaphorical corner. And chances are, if you’re anything like us at least, your favorite winter activity is going back inside. After all, it’s hard to be standing out in the freezing cold and not miss summer. People naturally tend to avoid the elements when the temperature dips.

We long for warmer climate, sunnier days, bare feet and flip flops, and sunbathing while drinking from coconuts all day long on a fine bed of white sand at some tropical getaway. If there’s anything that’s for certain it’s that the cold season makes you far more withdrawn from the outside than usual.

Either you’ve got some form of Seasonal Depression Disorder, or a mild case of winter “blah bleh blurgh”, whatever it may be, chances are you aren’t heading outdoors. And you know that it’ll do you more harm than good.

First of all, staying indoors all season long will make you fat, you’ll get even more depressed without the fresh air, and you’ll just end up spending all that’s left of your already empty wallet on heightened water, heat and electricity bills.

That’s why this winter, it’s time to plan ahead. We’ve come up with a small list of fun outdoor activities that will be perfect to do this season.

Get your car ready to join you on your travels and equip it with proper waterproof floor rubber mats, because with these activities on your plate, your car will surely need the protection!

Hop into your vehicles, pull on your seat belts and get ready to have you socks Jingle Bell Rocked off (Winter Puns).

Here are five fun activities you can only do during the Winter.


Snowshoeing is a great activity to do with your friends and family. It’s an activity that requires little skill beyond walking, making it a fun experience for anyone of all skill levels. It’s also great exercise! Take a short road trip down to a good hiking trail. It’s a great chance to explore the outdoors in a way you couldn’t the rest of the year. And with the proper floor mats equipped, you won’t have to worry about getting all mud and snow in your vehicle.

Snowball Fighting


Snowball fighting isn’t just a classic winter game, it’s a staple. This is an awesome twist on a beloved game, that’s bound to get the kids excited. Make a drive up to the local park and build the ultimate fortress and try to outdo the opposing team, the team with the sturdiest fortress in the end wins and you can totally encourage other people around the park to join in on the fun and have the biggest snowball fight ever.

Just be sure to keep your car seats protected with the right seat covers.Preferably look into waterproof seat covers, because let’s face it, there’s no way you’re car’s getting out of a great winter activity unscathed.

Losers will have to eat yellow snow.


Gross jokes aside, camping out in the cold might seem daunting to some. But you’ll find that it’ll make for a sweet and cozy winter memory. You can raise huge bonfires and roast marshmallows, hang out with friends, maybe even have a few beers while you do some stargazing.

Plus you can easily minimize bulky camping packs by just camping it out in your car. It’s easy, warm when you’ve got some blankets and good company. And with the right seat cushions, it can be super comfortable and a better alternative to sleeping bags.

Plus, with your car around, you can still keep your phone charged and ready for action. I mean, have you seen the Blair Witch Project?

Winter or not, camping or not, the last thing you want in the event that something unspeakable happens, is to be locked down because your phone is dead and there’s just no way you can contact the rest of the world.

Roadtrip Bingo

Roadtrip Bingo is a simple activity that can be done with the kids while you are out travelling on the open road, headed to your next big Winter adventure.

The idea of the game is for each player to hold Bingo cards that have pictures of objects (instead of numbers) that are specifically found on road trips, such as highways, bright red cars, snowy slopes, and other things.

And if you pack a seat storage bag full of snacks, supplies, and extra Bingo cards, the kids will never get bored.

Shovel Racing

You could call it a “sport”. A weird one, but still a “sport”. You can ditch the sleds to be creative and try out something a little new. Grab a shovel and be sure to wear a helmet because this activity will have you sliding down a slope while sitting on the head of a shovel. Look for a nice, calm and relaxed slope, and fill your car seat storage bag with emergency packs, just in case you run into any “boo-boos” while you’re out playing.

And now, you’ve got quite the list on your hands. You should just be about ready to get out there and set off on your big winter adventure. We’ve given you the starter pack and now all you’ve got to do is drive off and make those memories and add to them!