Front Bucket Seat Covers Engineered To Allow
    Side Airbag To Deploy Without Interference
    Officially Tested

    We’re not just here to talk the talk – we can back it all up too. We test all of our airbag compatible seat covers in a professional lab environment to make sure that they’re up to standard. They undergo a series of rigorous safety tests before they’re officially approved.

    Fashion With A Function

    Our specially engineered stitching allows your side airbags to deploy in the event of an accident without any interference or resistance. The key is a seam with a lower breaking point than standard seat covers. But despite this lower breaking threshold, our airbag compatible seat covers are still sturdy enough to handle the wear and tear of everyday life.These seams have a big impact, but you’d never know they were there – we designed them to be undetectable to the eye, so that they don’t detract from the aesthetics and design of the seat covers themselves.Our line of airbag compatible seat covers is available in a variety of colors, designs, and materials to match any interior.
    Tag! You’re It

    The semi-custom design of our entire line of seat covers makes them a breeze to install. We wanted to find a way to carry that convenience over to our airbag compatible seat covers, too. Since we did such a good job of making our seams blend into our designs, it can make it hard to figure out which side the airbag comes out of.That’s why all of our airbag compatible seat covers come equipped with tags to let you know which side accommodates our distinctly engineered stitching. This lets you know which cover goes on which seat without the guesswork, letting you rest assured that you’re riding safe with the seat covers installed properly.